Jay Stellato's Outback

Let's take another step back in time and look at Jay Stellato's Subaru Outback.  Some people confuse it as a Legacy wagon, and yes I made that mistake as well.   These shots and footage were taken all in the south side of Bethlehem last October.  You may have seen this car at various show last year along with winning the best fitment at First Class Fitment in 2012.  

This car was sitting on an extremely wide and sware set of Work Equips.  I have not seen another Subie wagon pull of a set of wheels like this up to this point.  Even since this point, I haven't seen another one of these come close to how well Jay had this thing set up.

It's hard to believe that this was static for everything.  Since these photos were taken it was put on bags, and you could barely tell the difference!  It is also sad to say that car has been parted out.  This shoot was from almost a year ago at this point.  Jay did put this thing through a few more phases before parting it back to stock.  Aside from the bags, minor exterior modifications, and a full black interior, he had an even wider and lower offset set of VIP Modular's on the car.  Even though it is gone, I am excited to see the next project that he takes on!