My name is Eric Shell and I am a Web Developer , Cinematographer , Photographer , and Graphic Designer .

Wheel Collective

This is an independent project of mine that is nearing completion.  Wheel Collective is founded upon the idea of bringing wheel and automotive enthusiasts together under one roof.  Wheel Collective is a forum based website that was built for wheel enthusiasts and resellers. This forum separate's itself by using a searchable dynamic filtering and structure to help users get to the information they want quicker and more efficiently.

ESHELLDESIGNS | Eric Shell's personal website

This is my personal website that I have built to display my work. I used Drupal to create this site and it is has a large influence of using views to create the structure of it. My goal with this site was to keep it as minimal and as intuitive as possible. Another goal of mine was to see if I could create a user friendly experience without a main form of navigation. In other words, create a website without a menu.

20th Teaser

Eric Shell's 20th Anniversary GTI

I had big plans for a video of my car on both coasts but due to lack of time and resources, and the damage to my car from shipping, I only have what I shot before moving. It has been a year since I posted a video, but I will have a one-minute edit up on my Vimeo soon. Once it's all fixed up I will shoot a legitimate video. Plus, I really want to showcase these IDF products!